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Getting the Word Out: Sharing the Benefits of Shellfish Aquaculture

Different aspects of shellfish aquaculture science were recently shared on three separate occasions with regional groups that varied from industry partners to regional growers to high school students. These presentations are part of an effort to communicate best practices of shellfish aquaculture to the public and stakeholders so that these methods will be employed in […]

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Coastal Ocean Acidification: The Other Eutrophication Problem

Eutrophication, or increased nutrient loading to estuaries, causes algae to bloom and consequently coastal hypoxia (low oxygen waters) when the algal biomass decomposes. Often overlooked, eutrophication can also produce carbon dioxide, which leads to a lowering of seawater pH (or increasing acidity). A recent invited paper by scientists supported by NCCOS and the NOAA Ocean Acidification Program shows low […]

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NOAA and Partners Improve Aquaculture Siting Decision Tool for Long Island Sound

A NOAA-led, multidisciplinary team is refining a tool used by farmers and regulators to choose locations of shellfish aquaculture farms in Long Island Sound. The updated tool will merge Farm Aquaculture Resource Management (FARM) model results with The Connecticut Aquaculture Mapping Atlas to better support aquaculture farm siting decisions. Specifically, a color-coded geospatial layer will […]

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NCCOS’ Nutrient Modeling Work in Long Island Sound May Be Adapted to Chesapeake Bay Management

At two recent meetings in Annapolis ( Shellfish Aquaculture Conference April 8 and Chesapeake Bay Program April 9-10, 2013), NCCOS’ researchers gave presentations on work within Long Island Sound and Great Bay Piscataqua Estuaries, with a description of the Farm Aquaculture Resource Management (FARM; model which helps to assess shellfish aquaculture’s removal of particles and […]

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