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Working to Understand and Remedy Dead Zone in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Since 2010, NCCOS-sponsored scientists have studied Green Bay, Wisconsin to better understand the source, dynamics, and controls of low oxygen (hypoxia) conditions that have resulted in a “dead zone” in the southern end of the bay. Considered key to understanding hypoxia in Green Bay, researchers have focused on the land surrounding the bay, which accounts […]

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Research Clarifies Causes and Future of Growing Dead Zone in Green Bay

NCCOS researchers from the Coastal Hypoxia Research Program (CHRP) are modeling the dynamics of hypoxia in Green Bay to better understand intensifying eutrophic conditions in the southern end of the bay in recent decades. Since 1990, the number of annual dead zone days in Green Bay resulting from eutrophication has increased from roughly 4 to […]

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NCCOS Research Highlighted at International Association for Great Lakes Research Conference

On June 2-6, NCCOS led several sessions at this year’s International Association for Great Lakes Research annual conference at Purdue University. Our Great Lakes research addresses critical ecosystem and watershed-scale issues in the region such as invasive species, nutrient management hypoxia and impacts of multiple stressors. Sessions featuring NCCOS  science included: Using Data and Models to Link […]

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