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Pacific Salmon Ecology and Conservation

Summary / Description


We are seeking independent, motivated interns that will be key members of a research team including scientists from the Northwest Fisheries Science Center and the University of Washington as we continue our study started in 2000 to quantify the recolonization of the Cedar River, WA by Pacific salmon. The Cedar River is a 364 km2 conservation area providing drinking water for the city of Seattle and is about 90 km east of the City.

You will gain valuable experience with ecological methods in the field and laboratory, as well as experience working with data bases and computers. Fieldwork includes habitat, fish, and bird surveys; and water, algae, and invertebrate sampling. Laboratory work includes processing water, algae, and invertebrate samples. A major focus for this year is to investigate the interactions between aquatic dependent birds (e. g., Mergansers, Kingfishers) and fish populations. You may also have the opportunity to work with undergraduate volunteers from the University of Washington in field surveys.

This internship provides a unique opportunity to collaborate in a large-scale, long-term ecological research project critical to the conservation of Pacific salmon. You will gain experience in field techniques for surveying stream habitat, invertebrates, fish, and birds. You will also learn about in conservation biology, ecology, fish ecology, stream ecology, ornithology and taxonomy.

Skills Required

Interns must be willing to work under potentially physically demanding conditions and be comfortable working in streams and rivers. Experience with snorkeling and bird identification a plus. We are also looking for someone that is positive and a good communicator; detail oriented; and works well as part of a research team. Coursework in ecology and zoology helpful as is basic experience in collecting field data and laboratory procedures.

Other Information

Internship Location: NOAA/National Marine Fisheries Service, Northwest Fisheries Science Center
Cedar River, Washington (field work), Seattle, WA (laboratory work, field coordination),

Intern Supervisor: Dr. Peter Kiffney / Number of slots available: 2

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