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Fisheries Oceanography of the Northeast U.S. Shelf Ecosystem

Summary / Description


We monitor the oceanographic conditions on the Northeast U.S. shelf and apply this information to regional fisheries and ecosystem assessments. In addition, the Branch conducts research into the relation between oceanography and fishery population dynamics.

The interns will participate in the Branch research and monitoring. Depending on the interns’ interest, there are numerous possible activities:

  • Fisheries (mapping distributions and abundance of eggs, larvae and adults, age larvae, study relation between environment and fish growth, larval fish biochemistry)
  • Physical Oceanography (studying ocean temperature and currents, comparing past conditions to current conditions)
  • Oceanography 101 (participating in a cruise, learning a variety of oceanographic techniques; cruise dates are not set yet, but will likely be first 3 weeks of June and first 3 weeks of August; cruises are dependent on budget)
  • Chemical Oceanography (work with ocean acidification monitoring, perform chemical analyses, contribute to analyses of ocean acidification)
  • Biological Oceanography (study phytoplankton and zooplankton, use new underwater video technologies to understand plankton distribution and abundance)

Depending on the specific activity, you will work with organizing, analyzing, and making available oceanographic data collected by fisherman, research vessels and merchant vessels. There will also be laboratory opportunities to work with microscopes and analytical chemistry equipment.

You will gain experience with data analysis and the distribution of oceanographic data via the internet. You will also receive mentoring on scientific writing and presenting. You’ll prepare and practice a scientific talk and a scientific poster.

Skills Required

Ability to work as part of a research team. Interest to learn more about oceanography. Computer experience with programs like Microsoft Word and Excel. Web page, GIS, and computer programming experience helpful depending on interests.

Other Information

Internship Location: Northeast Fisheries Science Center, Narragansett Laboratory, Narragansett RI

Intern Supervisor: Jon Hare / Number of slots available: 0

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