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Distribution, Abundance and Mortality of Marine Species in the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Summary / Description


You will join a collaborative group of research biologists and fisheries gear specialist who study marine and biological conditions as they relate to marine or aquatic ecosystems, associated fisheries issues, and associated environmental sampling techniques.  Mississippi Laboratories offers biological and valuable hands-on experience in fisheries research, management, conservation and education.

Duties: Responsibilities include surveying, photographing and identifying target marine life and gear integration and implementation.  Duties may include at-sea or aerial support of surveys, environmental data collection, participation in the local marine mammal and sea turtle stranding network, gear testing and implementation, participation in the local outreach program to educational institutions including continuing the mentor program with local colleges and high school biology classes, and providing general support for all activities conducted by the laboratory.

A Mississippi Laboratory internship will provide you an opportunity to test-drive your profession, introduce you to professional work environments, and give you a structured learning experiences where you apply knowledge gained in the classroom.  Our internship will provide an opportunity to integrate career related experience into an undergraduate or graduate education by participating in planned, supervised work.

Skills Required

Willingness to work outdoors, as well as at a microscope. General laboratory skills are helpful. Ability to work as part of a research team. Ability to pay attention to details, yet have an interest in broad scale ecological processes.

Other Information

Internship Location: NOAA Fisheries, Southeast Fisheries Science Center, Mississippi Laboratories, Pascagoula, MS.

Intern Supervisor: Andre J. Debose / Number of slots available: 2

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