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Atlantic salmon scale image analysis applications

Summary / Description


NOAA’s Atlantic Salmon Research and Conservation Task team monitors emigration of endangered Atlantic salmon smolts in Maine rivers and studies the scales from juvenile and adult life stages. We examine growth patterns in scales that may increase our understanding of specific river populations and their corresponding adult returns. This research is done in collaboration with Maine’s Department of Marine Resources.

You will gain laboratory experience using state-of-the-art scale image processing techniques and characterizing data related to age and growth of salmon from Maine rivers. You will participate in the potential restoration of endangered Atlantic salmon by analyzing scales collected from Maine river smolts, returning adults, or federal hatchery restoration salmon.  The focus of your activities will be image analysis applications in the laboratory. Activities include scale preparation, aging different salmon life stages using scales, and imaging and measuring scales.  You will also help to manage the data that you’re collect by entering, auditing, and processing scale data as well as other current and archive data.  With the guidance of NOAA mentors, you may design and carry out an independent project related to the data collected and analysis activities performed during the internship.

While the endangered Atlantic salmon we are monitoring originate in Maine rivers, this internship takes place in Massachusetts in our Woods Hole Laboratory. Woods Hole is a lively marine science mecca, offering lunchtime seminars, museums, galleries, beaches, shops and restaurants only a few steps from the lab.

Skills Required

The successful applicant must be able to pay attention to detail, work well individually and as part of a group. Relevant laboratory experience is not required, but familiarity with microscopes is required and the ability to generate summary graphs and perform basic statistical analyses in Excel or other Windows based software is preferred.

Other Information

Internship Location: Atlantic Salmon Research and Conservation Task, NOAA Fisheries Woods Hole Laboratory, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Intern Supervisor: Ruth Haas-Castro / Number of slots available: 1

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