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Funding Opportunities

NCCOS supports research programs that provide the critical information and predictive capabilities required to manage the nation’s coastal resources in an ecosystem context. NCCOS addresses these issues via a stressor-based or regional ecosystem approach. These issues typically require multi-disciplinary research teams and a significant long-term commitment of resources because of their complexity and the effort required to reach a new level of understanding sufficient to support NOS priorities and drive future coastal management decisions.

Applications for funding are submitted through FFO notices posted on the website. Notices of specific Announcements of Opportunity posted here on the NCCOS Funding Opportunities page are provided as a courtesy to our research community and in no way replace the official information provided through

New NCCOS Funding Announcements

The NOAA Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Science, Observation, Monitoring, and Technology Program (NOAA RESTORE Act Science Program) has released a competitive announcement for availability of grant funds for Fiscal Year 2015. Letters of Intent (LOI) are required for this announcement and are due to Mary Payne via email by 5 p.m., Eastern Time on January 30, 2015. The deadline for receipt of full applications, which should be submitted through, is 3 p.m., Eastern Time on March 17, 2015. An announcement of opportunity has been posted to submit proposals through

For additional information please go here.

Funding Opportunity Number: NOAA-NOS-NCCOS-2015-2004313
Funding Opportunity Title: NOAA RESTORE Act Science Program

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